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Pallet racks
Console shelves
Other furnishings
Shelves for tiny goods
Stationary and mobile archives
Special solutions
Console shelves
Dividing floors and multistory storages
Other furnishings
Shelves for tiny goods

About the company

Paigalduspartner LLC focuses on the installation of all types of storage shelves and on warehouse maintenance. We offer our customers a flexible and constructive approach. The company employs specialists in its own field, whose experience the client can securely rely on.

We are big enough to provide high quality service to a leading logistics warehouse, but at the same time small and flexible enough to take care of your single wardrobe, which should be installed already tomorrow.


We install, maintain and repair.

  • Shelves for lightweight goods
  • Pallet racks
  • Drive-in shelves
  • Fi-Fo shelves
  • Console shelves
  • Manual and electric archive wagons
  • Multistory storages and dividing floors
  • Mesh walls
  • PVC curtains
  • Workshop and office furnishings


If needed, we will also move your warehouse.

If you are in a somewhat similar situation...

don’t hesitate to contact us!